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5 minutes a day with great books and ideas

Posted on the March 25th, 2009 under eBooks,Lifestyle by (Beaulife) Altis Lo

( 5 Minutes Reading A Day

( 5 Minutes Reading A Day

Spark your mind and imagination with great books and ideas in under 5 minutes a day. It sounds like heaven, right?

We have a wide variety of paid and free e-books to choose from, and decide on the time to receive the e-books by installment through email or RSS feed. Therefore, we can still read up more e-books, with more discipline, at the right time and place. We can read at our own pace, at times, we can even ask for the next installment whenever we are really free or feel like reading more.

My compliments to this niche service are their wide coverage of topics of e-books by title, author and category. Not limited to desktop or laptop/notebook, we can even read via our iPhone, PDA Phone and any online device to access our email. To-date, there are more than 1,800 free e-books, and the paid e-books are almost double of the number of free e-books. Also to give my thumb up to the affordable fees to pay for the e-books. Best buy plus timely delivery, it’s a win-win deal.

The reading will not occupy more than 5 minutes per installment. I find the same fun as I discipline to read my favorite magazine and book every day. Now, let’s get our best buy for 5 minutes a day with great e-books and ideas — Start with the bestseller books.

A new great service is to link our profile to Twitter, so that our followers and friends can also enjoy the same excitement of reading at our own pace, with more discipline of time and everywhere.

Kindly click on the Bookmark icon below if you like this good idea or lifestyle to promote reading online (and eventually also contribute to a greener environment, as less paper is consumed).

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