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Leader in GPS Tracking Solution from GPS North America

Posted on the April 4th, 2009 under Product Review by (Beaulife) Altis Lo

Whether few or more than one thousand vehicles, you can always trust the best GPS Vehicle Tracking solution provided by GPS North America. It’s industry leading real time GPS tracking system is capable to feedback all information details about the vehicle at anywhere on the globe at anytime.

The GPS tracking solution has helped many corporations of any size to improve response time, better cost control, increase driver productivity, decrease overtime and decrease driver speeding, just to name a few benefits. And it’s best-known 2-minute update is producing web-based reports online, hence customer service can be greatly improved with more accuracy in billing, and re-route service vehicle through traffic. The real time mapping is an added advantage to compliment the online reports, which are accessible 24×7 online with any Internet connection and web-enabled device.

The cost-efficiency achieved with GPS Tracking are strategically supporting the management decision with the remarkable features below:
* 2-way dispatch and messaging application
* Vehicle routing and driving directions
* Vehicle maintenance report
* 12 real-time alerts
* Automated email report delivery
* 2 minute updates are standard
* 90 days of historical data archived
* No software to buy, or map controls to download
* One monthly service bill from Discrete Wireless (No additional fees from wireless carriers)
* Scalable solution and application

If you are searching for a GPS Vehicle Tracking solution with proven records, look for GPS North America.

Simply, GPS Tracking at its best from GPS North America.

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