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Free Online Tutorial for Microsoft Word & Excel 2007

Posted on the July 8th, 2008 under eBooks by (Beaulife) Altis Lo

Microsoft Word and Excel are undoubtedly the most essential computing tools since 90′s. had learned it from scratch by having borrowed books from library during my secondary school days. Internet sounded like out-of-space type of thing to me, hence, learning was like crawling. During that time, I started with Microsoft Word and Excel 95.

Now, with the popularity and accessibility of Internet, our thirst for knowledge can be easily quenched, by visiting website providing online tutorials, some are even free of charge. Let’s look at free online tutorial for Microsoft Word & Excel 2007.

For beginners and trainers, this online tutorial is a very good one for free. With every detail topic listed in “how-to”, everyone can follow step by step and learning at your own pace at your free time, or even anywhere you are accessible to the Internet. In addition, you need a flash media player which you can also download and install for free. The helpful author even accepts order for all the tutorials to be burnt onto a CD.

Let’s start our 60 flash tutorials for MS Word 2007 and 78 flash tutorials for MS Excel 2007 now by clicking at

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