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9 Tips to Avoid Swine Flu and 6 General Health Ideas

Posted on the May 3rd, 2009 under Health,Lifestyle by (Beaulife) Altis Lo

Healthy Living Family Meal Time Together

Healthy Living Family Meal Time Together

I have some general ideas to share with you to stay healthy, especially during this influenza pandemic. The 9 tips to avoid swine flu are listed below:

(1) Encourage to have the habit to wash hands often and thoroughly. Recommended before meals, back from outside, after toilet, before carrying baby, after sneeze etc.
(2) Encourage to change clothes frequently, especially back from a trip outside, and after visiting clinic, crowded area, bus, taxi, public transport, bus stop/station etc.
(3) Eat sparingly or light meals, sleep well, keep physically active, drink more plain water and rest more.
(4) Avoid crowded areas, hospital, clinic etc.
(5) Stay at home and rest, if you feel tired, or not feeling well, and keep away from work and school. Seek help for household chores or office work.
(6) Seek advise from doctor and avoid meeting people, if you feel flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cold body, sneeze, cough etc; or keep away from people with these symptoms.
(7) Use face mask to cover your nose and mouth, if you have to attend gathering at crowded area, or meet with people having flu or sneeze.
(8) Maintain a healthy living environment with readily available household cleaning or anti-bacterial agents.
(9) Avoid travel to country or area with reported cases.

My family and I are so used to Chinese medication and living habits, hence the above healthy ideas are very useful. According to our Chinese doctor, the influenza is caused by the climate change, not so much swine-related. We could have gotten better health if we follow the 6 general health ideas below:

(1) Avoid all sour, spicy, oily, fried and cold food & beverages, such as fast food, carbonated drink, curry, ginger, vinegar, ice cream etc.
(2) Bath with hot or warm water and avoid cold water, because our liver will get chilled with cold water bath, and our antibody is not able to resist attack from diseases.
(3) Consume more porridge than rice, recommended to cook porridge without any salt and oil.
(4) Purchase only pure rice without any fragrance.
(5) Eat only freshly cooked food and only hot or warm drink is encouraged, if we have to eat outside from home, because bacteria is usually killed after heating.
(6) More encouraged to cook at home, and hot boiled water is also highly recommended.

Hope you like the above and start living healthily. Not to forget, forward this post to all your friends and family members, and bookmark this post or comment here. Wish you be blessed with great health and happiness.

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