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Buy Microsoft Office 2007 Now, Free Download Office 2010 Upon Launching

Posted on the March 24th, 2010 under Software by

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Give Away Every Day: Game, Freeware And Best Buy Software

Posted on the January 6th, 2010 under Freeware,Software by

Giveaway of the Day

This is my favorite site — GiveAwayOfTheDay.com, to source for real useful and no fuss freeware and shareware, in addition, great software at best buy price. Good bargains are available from time to time. The download of the software is very smooth too. The best part of this site is that every day, we can download cool utility software with free license for personal use. No registration is required.

You will be amazed by the generous author’s contribution to encourage software development, because of the free legal license with full functionality. The free license is open for download for a day only, without limitations of number of copies for download. The download link is still available for download after the day with the review and bargain price of the software, excluding the free license.

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Easy Personal Finance: 5 Yes! And 4 No!

Posted on the December 23rd, 2009 under Book,Investment, Savings, Retirement,Software by

YES! Invest your money on different financial products, stocks, bonds etc. It is important to make your savings grow along time in order to beat inflation and let your money work for you rather than you working for your money.

NO! Do not let your money stand still because currency loses value with time and thus, the same amount that would let your purchase a yacht today will not serve the same purpose in the future. Inflation may not be that high but if you let the money stand still it can lose half of its value in as little as ten years due to inflation.

Recommended Magazine: SmartMoney

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Jessica Biel Named Most Dangerous Celebrity On The Web

Posted on the September 2nd, 2009 under Software by

Celebrity - Malware

Celebrity - Malware


Security Technology Company McAfee Inc. has warned that one-in-five chance of searching for the actress, such as the 27-year-old celebrity – Jessica Biel, will end up at a web site designed to damage the browsing computer. The damage is mostly caused by spyware, Trojan horse and any other malwares.

This year, following Jessica in the list, were Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Last year, the most dangerous celebrity online was Brad Pitt(Why not Angelina Jolie?).

So, are you worried about your online searching security? Will it be safe to search for your favorite actor or actress? Any better way to enhance our online activities?

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The Best Computer Drivers Update

Posted on the May 19th, 2009 under Software by

With Driver Detective’s access to a database of over 5 million computer device associated drivers, Driver Detective continues to rank first in the computer driver update industry. Since 1996, Driver Detective has grown to 150,000 downloads daily and has been installed on over 12 million computer systems. Driver Detective provides manufacturer specific drivers via a user friendly web based utility. It saves its customers frustration and extensive time associated with driver updates by providing everything via one easily-navigated site. The site’s crisp, professional look continues to attract customers’ world wide. Driver Detective’s 2% is the highest conversion rate in the industry. With an average order amount of $35 USD and with integrated customer support tools, Driver Detective has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

The best buy computer drivers update are simply irresistible. Choose one today!

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