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Certified Translators

Posted on the March 31st, 2017 under Business & Entrepreneur,Uncategorized by

Are you looking for certified translators to translate Marketing content or Technical texts ? Then click here to find out more. The VEQTA Translations team has experience in translating for business start-ups as well as providing translation solutions for some of the biggest companies across most major industries.

In addition, VEQTA team is capable to provide Voiceover Dubbing and project management service to the world by a highly skilled team eager to create a custom solution for your translation project whether it involves localization of software in Asian languages such as ERP, CMS, business applications on the cloud or translation of content for games.

Contact VEQTA Certified Translators.

Business Ideas & Startup for Everyone

Posted on the January 15th, 2017 under Business & Entrepreneur,Lifestyle by

Starting a business is now a popular dream for everyone, whether to start a business online, a recurring income, a part time business, or any decent ambitious is very encouraging.

If you are about to start your business, here is a list of articles worth further reading for any new startups:

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  14. Business Fundraising
  15. The 12 Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs
  16. Créer une entreprise en Afrique
  17. Young entrepreneurs
  18. Green Business Ideas

Realize your dreams and be an entrepreneur!

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Vacation Rental, Private Rooms, Travel the World

Posted on the September 15th, 2010 under Family And Kids,Flight, Hotel, Travel,Lifestyle by

Travelling the world is more than fun. So finding a great place to lodge can be as enjoyable too. Add more fun and book your lodging online, be it a condo, vacation home, beach house, apartment and others.

If you have rooms of condominium, beach house and apartment to rent, you may also list your space for rent.

Find all best buy lodging and vacation ideas at

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Cartoon Network’s Free Online Games

Posted on the June 3rd, 2010 under Family And Kids,Free Stuff,Game by

Family play gamesSo what does it take to find free online game for a gamer like me? An online site where I can go to play games without an immense amount of competition, no need to invest any money – and hopefully no risk of addiction? Honestly, in the past, I did not know if there was such a place. It seems that most of the gaming websites out now are getting more competitive and are requiring more from its visitors than ever. Nowadays you have to register for most of them – and what’s next, a social security number? Or your credit card number?

There are plenty of places to play online game, and when you find one you like, you may go back time and time again. What if I tell you happily that you can play free games online based on Cartoon Network? Are you getting very excited? Am I crazy or daydreaming?

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Easy Facebook Marketing Video Training Guide

Posted on the May 21st, 2010 under Social Media by

Easy Facebook Marketing Video Training Guide for any business.

It’s just a little over 3 years old, but only recently has it seen its status and fame growing constantly. The emblem of Web2.0 / Web 3.0 and the semantic web movement, Facebook is the internet social networking site that’s suddenly sizzling with activity – and naturally, the powers-that-be are beating down the door to get their share of the marketing dollars to be had.

The big three internet companies – Google, Yahoo! and big mama Microsoft – were alleged to have had an all-out bidding war to buy just a small stake of Facebook’s big success.

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