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NameCheap’s April 2010 Coupon Code

Posted on the April 15th, 2010 under Coupon,Environment,Web Hosting by - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting“SaveTheEarth” – Coupon code for discounted domain registration and transfers of .com and .net to NameCheap in April 2010, in conjunction with the celebration and sponsorship of the International Tree Foundation.

ITF (International Tree Foundation) has been working tirelessly for over 80 years to protect and plant trees throughout the world, in addition, NameCheap has become a sponsor and partner with ITF. Because NameCheap feels the urge and take environmental responsibilities seriously, they create more awareness to help to reduce our carbon footprint through the planting of trees worldwide.

Always the best buying idea at, in support to green environment.

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Paperless Office to Save the Forests and Earth

Posted on the April 11th, 2010 under Environment by

Forest with Sun Shines

I love forest green, and any green plants. So I had specially compiled these pictures of forests to share, before I go into the topic of paperless office.

Picture this: One day you walk into your office and all you can see is your notebook computer on your desk — so clean that you are very surprised. For the first time you can tell what color you desk is. There are no papers scattered on the floor, on your desk, in the cabinet or on your extra chair; something that your boss has been moaning and groaning about your entire career. In the past you didn’t know how to get rid of all that paper; your drawers used to be full, they couldn’t even close. There was paper on your desk, under your desk, on your document tray, inside your cabinet and all over the floor. You’ve lived in the mess for as long as you can remember. Well, it is high time when you should seriously change your habits to save the forests and go for a paperless office with Speedy Organizer 1-user/3pc software. There is no fuss and hassle at all.

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Environment Twitters for Wild Life

Posted on the February 7th, 2010 under Book,Environment,Social Media by

Save Wild LifeHelp save our wild life!

It has been the history of life on this planet for some species to live, while others have died out. It happens to plants as well as to animals, because their habitats are altered by the presence of mankind. During the Pleistocene period, it is believed that around thirty per cent of the large mammals in Africa and seventy percent of North American mammals were killed by the hunters of that time. The latest estimates of damage: up to sixty-two species of mammals are gone, and at least fifty-three, perhaps ninety-four bird species have vanished.

Many factors contribute to wildlife extinction, but by far the most damage comes from mankind’s clearing of the habitats of species in order to grow crops. When plants used by animals as food becomes scarce, so go the animals. One such disaster was the Large Copper butterfly. Collectors were over zealous for specimens and caused the extinction of this butterfly in the 1840′s.

Social networking makes information at hand, and so, just to name a few active tweets for wild life enthusiastic to follow:

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Environment Tweeters for Water Crisis

Posted on the January 9th, 2010 under Book,Environment,Social Media by

Water Crisis Twitters With escalating population and high living standards, water scarcity is hitting the World. Though our planet is blessed with three-fourth water, the irony is, only a small amount can be used for drinking purpose. While some corners of the globe have sufficient ground water supplies, there are places marked by severe water crisis. One of the primary reasons that is often pinpointed as the culprit behind the water shortage is the sudden change in climatic condition.

Our forefathers knew it. Ancient civilization further brings home the point – water is an absolute necessity. With the population increasing at a break-neck speed, artificial farming became inevitable but sources of water supply remained limited. The consequences were therefore quite expected – over drafting of natural ground water led to water scarcity. Miles and miles of land, which were once covered with trees now lie barren – due to deforestation. It’s now our turn to pay the price – face severe water scarcity. Research conducted by non-profit humanitarian organizations like Global Water, highlighted non accessibility of safe drinking water to be the chief cause of hunger, poverty and disease throughout the world.

Without hesitations, let’s contribute to conserve our precious water resource. Become followers to the Twitters below and learn about how we can make a difference:

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Happy New Year 2010

Posted on the January 1st, 2010 under Environment,Uncategorized by

Happy New Year 2010

May 2010 be another year fills with love, pleasant memories, and abundant of health and wealth all of you and your love ones.

Have a prosperous and fulfilling new decade ahead!

Spread our wishes to the world!

P/S: I am starting to promote Green tips and awareness via, therefore, you could have noticed the Go Green Tips plugin for WordPress at the sidebar. We can make a difference, let’s start from our own self today!

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