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Vacation Rental, Private Rooms, Travel the World

Posted on the September 15th, 2010 under Family And Kids,Flight, Hotel, Travel,Lifestyle by

Travelling the world is more than fun. So finding a great place to lodge can be as enjoyable too. Add more fun and book your lodging online, be it a condo, vacation home, beach house, apartment and others.

If you have rooms of condominium, beach house and apartment to rent, you may also list your space for rent.

Find all best buy lodging and vacation ideas at

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Cartoon Network’s Free Online Games

Posted on the June 3rd, 2010 under Family And Kids,Free Stuff,Game by

Family play gamesSo what does it take to find free online game for a gamer like me? An online site where I can go to play games without an immense amount of competition, no need to invest any money – and hopefully no risk of addiction? Honestly, in the past, I did not know if there was such a place. It seems that most of the gaming websites out now are getting more competitive and are requiring more from its visitors than ever. Nowadays you have to register for most of them – and what’s next, a social security number? Or your credit card number?

There are plenty of places to play online game, and when you find one you like, you may go back time and time again. What if I tell you happily that you can play free games online based on Cartoon Network? Are you getting very excited? Am I crazy or daydreaming?

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Chinese New Year Celebration And Best Buy Beautiful Gifts

Posted on the January 27th, 2010 under Family And Kids,Seasonal Gift by

Chinese New YearFor the Chinese, this 2010 is the Year of the tiger, which effectively starts on the Saturday of February 14. This is the time when millions of overseas Chinese will go back home to their families to spend the holiday and have a wonderful dinner together. This is a time when every China town all over the globe will be filled with much merrymaking, dramatic fireworks, dancing dragons, singing gongs, and happy smiles.

No doubt, the Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in history for Chinese calendar, with the celebration taking as long as 15 days. Even people who don’t have Chinese blood in them have come to celebrate and respect this holiday. Every year, Chinese spend lavishly on these performance arts in the hopes of bringing good luck and prosperity.

The Spring Festival is the most important and traditional festival for Chinese, because it starts from the beginning of spring. People will hold this festival at the last day of every year which is called New Years Eve. People will keep vigil, and all the members of a family will hold together to have a big dinner on that night. It means the old year has already past and after people make a conclusion for the year, they hope to have a new and different year next.

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Lego Star Wars History And Collectibles

Posted on the November 25th, 2009 under Book,Family And Kids,Game by

Lego Star Wars has quite the interesting history when it comes to the fact that the game entertains children everywhere. It all stems from the popular plastic building blocks that can be used to build cars, space ships, buildings, and whatever a child’s imagination can think up. Anyone under the age of 60 has most likely played with Legos, so that means that many of the children playing with them today have grandparents who once used their imaginations to do the same exact thing.

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12 Star Wars’ Collectible Books

Posted on the November 21st, 2009 under Book,Family And Kids by

Star Wars is evergreen, being one of the most popular movies and collectibles for adults, kids and whole family. How about getting some coloring books, activity books, stickers etc for your kids for this school holidays? Or even for your Christmas 2009? No more excuse, now is the time to look at my list of 12 collectibles of Star Wars.

1. Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles: Memorabilia and Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Paperback)
… takes the reader on a journey through cool and kitsch, from toys and costumes to life-size statues made of LEGO bricks to consumer goods such as candy, clothing, toothpaste–and much more.

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