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PDF Editor Freeware

Posted on the June 6th, 2009 under Freeware,Portable Applications by

PDF Document

PDF Document

Introducing two PDF editor freeware, no installation, setup, pre-use learning, special skill or pricey software required.

(1) Free PDF Editor is capable to run in any USB flash drive, as the program size is as little as less than 1MB for version 1.3RC. It is as good as using a word processor to create a PDF output instantly, without the hassle to install PDF generator software.

(2) PDFTK Builder Portable is my favorite program to split, collate, watermark and password protect PDF documents on the go. As its name suggested, it is a proud portable application/freeware available from Portable Application as seen in PC World, PC Magazine etc. I have been carrying it in my USB flash drive all the time. Thanks to its GUI (graphical user interface) it is very handy and remarkably easy to use.

If you have better freeware to share, welcome to email to me or comment below this post.

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Cool! 100 Portable Applications in USB Drive for Windows/Mac… and more…

Posted on the April 15th, 2008 under Freeware,Portable Applications by

Ever think of bring your frequently used applications without computer? Or to minimize hard disk space, lengthy installations etc?

Here is the solution: Equip 100 portable applications in your USB drive now. They are suitable for Windows and Macintosh. Please visit:


These applications are small in size but work wonders for any computing users. Most importantly, many of them are freeware, so that will save you lots of money.

More applications are available in http://www.portableapps.com/

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