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Hurry! Pre-order Nintendo DSi XL, Shipment on March 28, 2010

Posted on the March 3rd, 2010 under Game by

The much-awaited Nintendo DSi XL is now available for pre-order, shipment starts on March 28, 2010.

Looks like Nintendo DSi XL Bronze is more popular than Nintendo DSi XL Burgundy in terms of sales rank in It comes free with super saver shipping and pre-order price guarantee. Check out related media (video) by clicking on either product image link above.

Some features to be highlighted:

  1. The LCD screen is 4.2-inch diagonal, which is 93% larger compared with Nintendo DS Lite;
  2. Best visual quality gaming experience with the new release two toned Bronze color scheme adds a unique and distinct touch;
  3. Retains all the functionality of the DSi
  4. This new handheld game device includes a full size, easy to hold stylus that matches the exterior color of your chosen DSi XL.

The demand is overwhelming :-) , so there is limit on the quantity of purchase for Nintendo DSi XL to both one per household and one per customer. Order now to avoid disappointment!

Cheers to gamers!

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Vote for P1 WIMAX Coverage Now!

Posted on the January 20th, 2009 under Lifestyle by

WIMAX Forum Logo

WIMAX Forum Logo

You could have heard about the Malaysia first WIMAX launched by P1, but getting frustrated for the limited coverage area for wireless broadband.

Now, it’s time to vote for the next coverage area, just to click here. For the citizens (like me) who are staying in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, or Johor, from any towns, please actively vote for the new coverage area, so that P1 knows where to roll out the WIMAX service.

The success of our next generation (wireless) broadband service is as easy as only a click.


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Warehouse Sales (Fund & Share Market)

Posted on the November 18th, 2008 under Investment, Savings, Retirement by

[] Index Chart

When the share (stock exchange) market is up hill towards the peak (in red circle), what do we do? When the share (stock exchange) market is down hill towards the lowest (in green circle), do we do anything?

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New Themes with Adsense & SEO

Posted on the June 10th, 2008 under Uncategorized by

I have enabled the new themes with Google Adsense and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) today. How do you find it? Do you like the new look?

I am giving it a try to experience the power of Google Adsense in WordPress, since both are free service, nothing to lose. In addition, I could be making some extra bucks from its optimised for maximum advertisement revenue.

Well, thanks to David Law (also known as SEO Dave), for his initiative and creativity to design this theme with combination of color comfort and ease of use. I have dropped a comment in Once I make some bucks from Google Adsense, I think I will buy the latest version from SEO Dave.


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Welcome to Best Buy & Idea!

Posted on the April 2nd, 2008 under Uncategorized by

Welcome to Best Buy & Idea — Delighting Your Lifestyle!

Redefine your lifestyle with our best buy items such as PLT Fuel Booster / Fuel Saver, PLT Aura Balance Accumulator and Chemlube Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. More attractions are on the way.

Also available ideas for investment, savings, retirement, freeware, ebooks and many other cool stuffs for you.

Let’s enjoy the pleasure of sharing.  Cheers!

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