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Paperless Office to Save the Forests and Earth

Posted on the April 11th, 2010 under Environment by

Forest with Sun Shines

I love forest green, and any green plants. So I had specially compiled these pictures of forests to share, before I go into the topic of paperless office.

Picture this: One day you walk into your office and all you can see is your notebook computer on your desk — so clean that you are very surprised. For the first time you can tell what color you desk is. There are no papers scattered on the floor, on your desk, in the cabinet or on your extra chair; something that your boss has been moaning and groaning about your entire career. In the past you didn’t know how to get rid of all that paper; your drawers used to be full, they couldn’t even close. There was paper on your desk, under your desk, on your document tray, inside your cabinet and all over the floor. You’ve lived in the mess for as long as you can remember. Well, it is high time when you should seriously change your habits to save the forests and go for a paperless office with Speedy Organizer 1-user/3pc software. There is no fuss and hassle at all.

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Give Away Every Day: Game, Freeware And Best Buy Software

Posted on the January 6th, 2010 under Freeware,Software by

Giveaway of the Day

This is my favorite site —, to source for real useful and no fuss freeware and shareware, in addition, great software at best buy price. Good bargains are available from time to time. The download of the software is very smooth too. The best part of this site is that every day, we can download cool utility software with free license for personal use. No registration is required.

You will be amazed by the generous author’s contribution to encourage software development, because of the free legal license with full functionality. The free license is open for download for a day only, without limitations of number of copies for download. The download link is still available for download after the day with the review and bargain price of the software, excluding the free license.

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Monetize your blog with BackLinks

Posted on the January 26th, 2009 under Make Money Online by

I am considered myself only a casual blogger, as I am busy with my employment/work, family affairs, kids schooling etc. Hence, quite often, I have excuse(s) not to blog, for lack of subjects, lack of time to do research and even more. Making money online has become a challenge to me, and I could hardly get traffic to my blog, not even backlinks.

Recently, I have come across this great tool to help monetizing my Best Buy & Idea blog, simple and no fuss at all. Since I am not a good user in PHP, HTML and SQL, this is a sweet dream to me.

Monetize your blog with BackLinks

Let me introduce For Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliates. As a publisher or blogger like me, it only requires 3 simple steps to start.

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Speed Up Your Computer with MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner

Posted on the June 1st, 2008 under Freeware by

Computer slow to start? Slow Internet connection? Weird error messages? Computer freezes or hang? Can these be repaired without much technical knowledge? How to eliminate annoying pop-up ads, adwares, spywares etc?

Recommendation is to use MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner. I liked it so much after the first time I used it i my >5 years old notebook with all the above issues. Now I am using it weekly to maintain better speed while computing. It’s time to put all your worries in registry problems behind.

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