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2010 Apple iPhone 4G Rumours

Posted on the June 7th, 2010 under Electronic Gadgets by

Apple iPhone on showAre you ready? Apple iPhone 4G is coming, rumours saying the release likely around June or July of 2010.

Speculations are flooding in YouTube, etc on the new iPhone 4G, but hold on your wish list… The official features will only be disclosed during the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) this month.

You may imagine: The new Apple iPhone 4G is expected to look very dashing in terms of being sleek, packed with new hardware (might be built with dual core processors or higher, highly powered graphical chips to deliver stunning video resolutions and taking still pictures) and multi-tasking software. Wow! Can’t wait to lay my fingers on it immediately.

Some new features in the new Apple iPhone 4G are expected in the list below:

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2010 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Posted on the February 3rd, 2010 under Book,eBooks,Food And Recipe,Seasonal Gift by

Valentine's DayThis season in 2010 — Valentine’s Day will be a very romantic and touching celebration, because there is always a special place of you in his or her heart. In addition, special gift is a must to show your love and sincerity to him or her.

Let’s see if these gift ideas could be a great catalyst and bring out the best from the bottom of your heart to him or her.

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Guess What Hot Gadgets for Christmas Gift 2009?

Posted on the October 16th, 2009 under Seasonal Gift by

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

Most people around the world are busy looking for great Christmas gifts during the holiday season. In this age of modern technology, giving gadgets will surely be a perfect Christmas gift idea.

We now live in the age of technology. This coming Christmas, what better gift to give than a hi-tech gadget. Look at the nine most entertaining and innovative gadgets of 2009 for ideas.

Who knows, you could bid your gadgets at a very surprising low price.

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Learn To Use Your New Gadgets And Master All The Features

Posted on the September 21st, 2009 under Book,eBooks by

Do you have a new iPhone, iPod, or Garmin nüvi? Peachpit books help you master all the hidden features of these hot new gadgets!

The iPhone Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition, authored by Christopher Breen.
* Based on the final release of iPhone 2.0 software and the iPhone 3G.
* Consumer Price: $6.99 (save 30%)
…Printed book …Ebook

The iPod and iTunes Pocket Guide, 4th Edition, authored by Christopher Breen.
* Your essential companion to the iPod nano, touch, classic, shuffle and iTunes 8.
* Consumer Price: $6.99 (save 30%)
…Printed book …ebook

The iPhone Book: (Covers iPhone 3G, Original iPhone, and iPod Touch), 2nd Edition, authored by Scott Kelby.
* A “show-me-how-to-do-it” book that tells you exactly how to use the iPhone features you want to use most.
* Consumer Price: $13.99 (save 30%)
… Printed book …ebook

The iPod Book: Doing Cool Stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Store, 5th Edition, authored by Scott Kelby.
* Learn all about the iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod shuffle; plus the new iTunes 8.
* Consumer Price: $13.99 (save 30%)
…Printed book

The Garmin Nuvi Pocket Guide, authored by Jason D. O’Grady.
* The secrets to using leading personal GPS devices, including the nüvi 350.
* Consumer Price: $6.99 (save 30%)
…Printed book …ebook

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5 minutes a day with great books and ideas

Posted on the March 25th, 2009 under eBooks,Lifestyle by

( 5 Minutes Reading A Day

( 5 Minutes Reading A Day

Spark your mind and imagination with great books and ideas in under 5 minutes a day. It sounds like heaven, right?

We have a wide variety of paid and free e-books to choose from, and decide on the time to receive the e-books by installment through email or RSS feed. Therefore, we can still read up more e-books, with more discipline, at the right time and place. We can read at our own pace, at times, we can even ask for the next installment whenever we are really free or feel like reading more.

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