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Entertainment at its best in

Posted on the April 21st, 2009 under Freeware,Lifestyle,Product Review by ~ Listening Online Radio ~ Listening Online Radio

Maximise your music entertainment with thousands of radio stations, to be exact, more than five thousand radio stations from Listen to the high quality streaming radio stations and reward ourselves with plentiful and varieties of musics. The best idea to highlight is to listen free of charge to musics or radio programs online. In addition, it delivers a wealth of information and articles to satisfy music lovers.

Searching for our favorite radio stations is more than easy, by genre, geographical region, most popular choice, and also our own playlists. My top choice is always the evergreen oldies from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, I never feel tired of these oldies. is always satisfying in terms of choices in musics, radio stations and articles.

The design for navigation is very pleasing, with main menus at top and other links at the left and right of every screen. Just few clicks and the expected results will be shown on the screen instantly. Also compliments to the high performance hosting server and the loading is never letting us down.

I find also the free radio station from 988 Radifussion Malaysia, operating in Penang and 972 Love Station from Singapore. I feel as if I am at home in Johor with these 2 radio stations, whenever I am out of town or in Singapore.

Subscribe today to to feel the most entertaining and enjoying moments with musics and radio stations online, anytime and anywhere. In addition, from now till 31st of May 2009, is sponsoring John Chow Dot Com to give away RM4,000 cash through radio contest. Don’t miss it. Click this radio contest and tell everyone about it.

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Vote for P1 WIMAX Coverage Now!

Posted on the January 20th, 2009 under Lifestyle by

WIMAX Forum Logo

WIMAX Forum Logo

You could have heard about the Malaysia first WIMAX launched by P1, but getting frustrated for the limited coverage area for wireless broadband.

Now, it’s time to vote for the next coverage area, just to click here. For the citizens (like me) who are staying in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, or Johor, from any towns, please actively vote for the new coverage area, so that P1 knows where to roll out the WIMAX service.

The success of our next generation (wireless) broadband service is as easy as only a click.


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Honda ASIMO in Johor Bahru City Square

Posted on the November 30th, 2008 under Lifestyle by

Honda ASIMO in Johor Bahru City Square The lifestyle in Johor Bahru has been further delighted with the visit of Honda ASIMO between 20th and 23rd of November 2008 at City Square.

ASIMO, an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, is the world’s first humanoid robot that was happily to showcase its abilities in Malaysia during a road show. This road show was brought to us by Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The road show in Johor Bahru City Square had created much delights to me, although I only knew it on the 23rd of November 2008, which was the last day in town. My 4-year-old son was very excited to have watched a robot with his 6-year-old sister and parents. It was started 20 minutes later than the scheduled time, I guessed it was due to the battery charging time. ASIMO needs 4 hours to fully charge the battery for 1 hour’s activities.

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WIMAX in Malaysia

Posted on the August 10th, 2008 under Lifestyle by


Malaysia will very soon be launching WIMAX service, in August 2008 as seen in the recent PC Fair 2008 (II) at KLCC.  There are a lot of media coverage about WIMAX in Malaysia, and all 4 licensees are working hard to roll it out soon.  When I did a search in The Edge Daily, with search from 1st January 2008, it looks like Packet One, also known as P1, is standing out from the other 3 licensees awarded by Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission.

With the news releases about P1′s WIMAX, their showcase in the WCIT 2008 and PC Fair 2008 (II) in KLCC were attracting a lot of interest from Malaysian public.  They have determined to achieve the Government’s target to cover 25% of population by end of year 2008, and to achieve at least 60% within the next 5 years.  One of our pro-blogger, Mr. Liew CF, who has a very popular blog ( and could be the first full time blogger in Malaysia, had a hands-on test during his visit to PC Fair 2008 (II) in KLCC, and his comment was positive.  Read his first trial at

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