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Free Backlinks of High Page Rank

Posted on the March 2nd, 2010 under Free Stuff,Tips & Tricks by

Good idea to obtain backlinks, and only the best. These backlinks are high page rank, and free… Yes! There is nothing better than free of charge. Just do few simple steps to get ready fast for quality backlinks.

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  1. Click the above image links.
  2. Select colors from your backlink image for the colors of the border, text and background.
  3. Cut and paste the code generated in your site or blog
  4. To view your link, just click in image link, and done your site display in last references!
  5. Remember: Never remove the code from your pages or alter/change them, else your site would be banned.

If you prefer search engine position, link popularity and traffic in one package, try this: Buy One Way Text links.

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Learn more about Search Engine Optimization Knowhow — not to be missed.

Hope you like this sharing idea of free quality backlinks of high page rank — please trackback or retweet. Thank you and wish you good luck.

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Shorten Long www Link and Make Money

Posted on the September 17th, 2009 under Free Stuff,Make Money Online,Tips & Tricks by

www link

www link

Hiding your site URL and keeping your information secret made easy!

Many times, we, as a surfer or as a site owner, want to hide the www link or just make it nicer or shorter.

Good examples can be:
1. When you want to sell something and don’t want the search engines to track.
2. When you want to hide the actual URL from someone else.
3. When the URL is long or ugly, offensive and so on.
4. Just for fun.
5. For making money.
6. To bypass a forbidding firewall (not allowed in office network and policy), e.g., etc.
7. Any other needs.

URL Shortening services such as might just be what you need in these cases.

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Affiliate Marketing: What And How To

Posted on the July 25th, 2009 under Flight, Hotel, Travel,Make Money Online by

Linkshare_88x31McroBtnV2 Affiliate Marketing – WOW!

We see it everywhere on the Internet in our emails and on forums and Social Media websites.

In fact it has been around for quite a long while yet many people are clueless to what it is about, or just how one can earn money let alone make an income from it at the comfort of your home.

Fast forward to present day, we see tons and tons of them being fiercely advertised and we see many ordinary folks like you and me earning an income from it.

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LinkShare! Bringing revenue to your website

Posted on the June 18th, 2009 under Make Money Online by


Free LinkShare Membership! Enjoy the benefits of partnering with 500 top online merchants. Place one of the graphic images or text links on your site and start earning today!

What is LinkShare?

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